Trout Mask Replica

August 31, 2006

Captain Sieghart (she was a child genius, you know , but sadly is no longer a child) has a piece in today’s Times 2 explaining how, 16 months before the putsch that removed Charles Kennedy, she tried to expose his drunken incompetence.

All very, ‘old friend in the ‘eighties; crisis of conscience; public duty before personal ties’; self-justifying stuff. But what is clear is that “Kennedy’s office” intimidated The Times into printing a clarification over when, not if , he was rat-arsed and forced them to apologise.

The Lib Dems want to be thought guilty only of sins of omission in their covering-up for Charlie. But the campaign to protect him from exposure was active, even aggressive.

Who was “Kennedy’s office” back in September 2004 ?


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