Count ’em

September 25, 2006

Countscarythings£27,247,000. The Labour Party’s debt.

£23,815,000. Labour’s running costs.

£15,166,000. Labour’s election spend.

£3,685,000. Raised from membership.

£8,000,000. Raised from affiliations.

£13,900,000. From Donations.

To deal with this, Labour has arranged £13.5 million overdraft and long-term facilities with the Co-Op and Unity Trust banks. And, quoting from page 51 of the NEC’s Annual Report,

Furthermore the party has entered into discussions with its other lenders to re-schedule the repayment of loans amounting to £12.4 million.


5 Responses to “Count ’em”

  1. rigger mortice Says:

    mmm!bit the country’s balance sheet

  2. rigger mortice Says:

    mmm!bit like the country’s balance sheet

  3. sero Says:

    Count von Count wishes to make it clear that his claim to the Graafschaft of Sesamia is in no way connected with his loan of 100,000 Maria-Theresa thalers to the Transylvanian crown.

  4. Rickytshirt Says:

    Are Oscar the Grouch and the Chancellor related?

  5. sero Says:

    No, but Tony’s fond of a Big Bird.

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