IT Experts Protest Stereotyping

January 21, 2007

big_mole-2.jpgPress Association
Sunday January 21, 2007 10:13 AM

The arrest of one of Tony Blair’s top aides in the cash for honours row was made after fresh information was uncovered during a search of the Number 10 computer system, according to reports.

The investigation put police at loggerheads with politicians after Ruth Turner was arrested in a dawn swoop on her home.

The News Of The World said it was informed by sources within the Crown Prosecution Service that a “mole” within Downing Street told the police about potentially incriminating emails.

An independent IT expert was then sent in by detectives, with the permission of Downing Street, to look through communications records, it claimed. But the Sunday Telegraph suggested that detectives had obtained high-level permission to “hack” into the IT system remotely.


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