It’s D-Notice, it’s D-niable, it’s D-ployment

January 20, 2008

of Prince Hewitt to Afghanistan. Or, at least, if he was sent there it would be covered by a DA-Notice, the voluntary system of self-censorship where newspapers agree to Government requests to spike stories.

And you wouldn’t read about it in your paper or see it on the news.

Blogs, however, would be under no such constraints.


2 Responses to “It’s D-Notice, it’s D-niable, it’s D-ployment”

  1. Strictly Come Blogging.. Says:

    Prince Hewitt ? Show me the proof !

  2. JohnnYou are right on the money about the church going along with the BSA allowing “gay” scouts. I always thought a scout was to be morally clea Click

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